Town shows

Home of a time honoured tradition, every town has a showground and at its heart an Agricultural Show. These annual shows celebrate the entire community – families, industries and volunteers that together, make the region great.

All the fun of the fair at the Town shows in the Banana Shire

A favourite for families, farmers, growers, food and animal lovers of all persuasion, on the surface, it may all look like fairy floss and fun but with country life on full display, there are bigger stakes at play.

The main parade always takes pride of place. The flowing garlands pinned proudly to the breast or swinging from the neck promise big rewards, not just from the arena but for business for years to come.

With agriculture topping the region’s industries, there are six shows on the calendar, drawing crowds from everywhere as they rollout, one after the other during May, with the exception of Moura and Wowan’s, which fall in August.

Taroom Annual Show

  • May each year
  • Taroom Showground
  • 4 Cranmer Street, Taroom

Baralaba Annual Show

  • April each year
  • Baralaba Showground
  • Wooroonah Road, Baralaba

Theodore Annual Show

  • May each year
  • Theodore Showground
  • The Boulevard, Theodore

Callide Valley Annual Show, Biloela

  • May each year
  • Biloela Showground
  • Jambin Dakenba Road, Biloela

Wowan Annual Show

  • August each year
  • Wowan Showground
  • Dee River Rd,Β Wowan

Moura Coal and Country Festival

  • August each year
  • Moura Recreations Grounds
  • Master Street, Moura

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