Camping in the Sandstone Wonders

Touring the Banana region will take you to places of vast beauty and hidden wonderment. The more time you take, the more discoveries you’ll make.

With so many natural assets – sandstone wonders, gorges, rivers, creeks and lakes, bushland plains and forests, wildlife and wild flowers – there’s always the prospect of something special and surprising popping up out of the blue. The closer you get to nature, the more likely and surprising those encounters will be.

Camping grounds across the region put you right in the thick of our great outdoors and promise you fantastic travels, no matter where you go.

Annual events are often held at local showgrounds and campers, if quick, can usually take advantage of free camping or low-cost facilities at the site. For details, contact the relevant event coordinator or any of the regional visitor information centres.

A range of free or low-cost community, commercial camping options is available. Mind you, if you’re self-sufficient and carrying extra supplies, you can always find your own special spots off the beaten track.

Finding a campground in the Banana Shire

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