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Moura – all heart and coal

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Moura is a central point and vibrant community for the people who serve its local industries – the farmers, growers and miners and their families that help to make Queensland great.

Lying in the heart of the Dawson Valley, on the banks of the Dawson River, its parklands and public facilities, festivals and events, river fishing and water sports attract thousands of visitors each year.

The quality of life rings true in Moura – hard working people who know how to have fun at the end of the week make the most of their surroundings.

For almost six decades, coal mining has been pivotal to the town. There are no mine tours on offer, however entering from either the south or east, the huge open cut pits can be seen from the highway.

You can almost set your watch by the 150th Meridian marker; the intangible line that measures Eastern Standard Time. Located on the east side of town, two large hollowed rocks sit side by side. Look through the holes and line them up, and you’re standing in the direct path of the meridian.

Where did the towns name come from?  The Moura township took its name from the Pastoral Holding ‘Moura’.  This property was taken up in 1854 by Charles Marshall who had been a paymaster in Wellington’s Army while engaged in battle in Portugal.  It is claimed that Charles Marshall named his property after the town in SE Portugal where many battles were waged.

The Moura Coal and Country Museum in Gillespie Street is open 9.00am – 2.00pm on Wednesdays and Saturdays during peak touring season.

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  • Visitors are welcomed at the Bowls , Tennis and Golf Clubs, Moura RSL and Memorial Swimming Pool
  • The information centre in Gillespie Street has internet access, and is a branch office of Banana Shire Council
  • Moura is an RV Friendly town
  • How Moura came to be named is still a mystery. It is believed early pastoralist Charles Marshall was responsible. He served in the British Army at Moura in Portugal, during the Peninsular Wars. In 1854 he made a claim on a stretch of land on the Dawson and it was finally registered in 1857.

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APEX Park on the Dawson River is 7 kilometres west on the Dawson Highway. Camping is low-cost and facilities include hot showers, barbecue, toilets, picnic tables and a public boat ramp.

Rotary Park in Moura also offers visitors low-cost, short-stay camping with basic facilities, on the Dawson Highway within the township.

There are also a range of well priced hotel/motel and caravan park options within the town.

To find more accommodation in Banana Shire, check out our Accommodation Guide.

Other camping options in the Banana Shire.

Close-by attractions

Water Tower Mural
  • 150th Meridian
  • Moura Coal & Country Museum
  • Moura’s Water Tower Mural
  • Moura Miners’ Memorial

Close-by locationS

Moura Miners’ Memorial


  • Bronze Boots Campdraft
  • Coal and Country Festival
  • Moura Muddy Water Family Fishing Classic


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