5 Unique Experiences of the Sandstone Wonders

Seeking out a unique travel experience? South East Outback Queensland may not come to mind when seeking out a unique adventure for your next caravanning trip or family holiday. But we can assure you, the Sandstone Wonders region has some wonderful and unique events and experiences that will have you telling your mates for months to come.

Snapshots from Kilburnie Homestead

The Locals unique experience recommendations

A quality unique experience usually requires some digging – and we’ve done it for you. In this post, we let you in on our top 5 unique experiences of the Sandstone Wonders. Whether you are passing through on the big lap, exploring for a weekend, or on your way to discovering the gems of the outback in a camper or caravan, these top 5 unique experiences will have you slowing down and appreciating the good old Aussie way of life.

Myella Farmstay

1. Experience a Genuine Unique Australian Farm Experience at Myella Farm Stay

Situated halfway between Fraser Island and the Whitsundays, this incredibly popular Farm Stay is located just 2.5 hours inland from the East coast of Australia in Baralaba. Drawing a surprisingly significant overseas crowd, Myella is popular with travellers wanting to get up close and personal with real Country Life on the land. Myella’s hosts Lyn and Carl take you under their wing enabling a glimpse into their world of managing the 1040 hectare property. The incredibly passionate hosts are also popular with families, offering a ‘magical place where you can get up close and personal with nature, the animals and the people who live here’.

“Truly a fantastic and incredible experience. When you stay at Myella, you become a part of their family for a few days. The family is really nice and the farm very beautiful, with great scenery and plenty of wildlife”. – Brice Binz

Receiving a whopping 4.8-star rating on Google, Myella Farm Stay is a chance for you and your family to get back to the simple life. Wake up to chatting parrots, greet the day with a tour of the farm, taste the homegrown ingredients, learn to crack a whip, swim in the pool, relax and end the day with a good old Aussie campfire.  Experiencing a world that Lyn and Carl love to share with others will open up your appreciation for how the locals do it in the Outback.

Watching the sunset at Myella Farmstay

2. Open Days at Kilburnie Homestead **Currently closed due to Covid-19**

Perhaps Kilburnie Homesteads claim to fame is that it was the birthplace of the renowned local artist ‘Ruby Campbell’, but delving deeper, the Kilburnie Homestead is a testament to an incredible family that has kept their stories alive through art. Igniting the pioneer spirit to today’s day and age, Kilburnie Homestead hosts a series of open days throughout each year. Each open day is different with the focus ranging from blacksmithing, exhibitions (in 2020 the Campbell family exhibited their involvement in WW1 and more), markets, music and artists retreats.

Built in 1883, Kilburnie Homestead is located just north of the Biloela township and is not your average farm. Over four generations of history and art adorn the homestead and visiting it feels like stepping back in time. Attending an open day gives you a chance to experience the history oozing from the walls (literally!). Kilburnie Homestead open day is a rare find, a magic mix of four hard-working and creative generations mixed into art music and sharing.

Whatever open day you decide to attend, you are guaranteed to be in awe of the award-winning historic property.

Kilburnie Homestead Tour

3. The Murals Tour – unique drive trails

Experiencing the wide-open road of Australia is almost a rite of passage for Aussies and international visitors. Heading inland for the East Coast of Australia on either the Leichhardt Way, Australia’s Country Way or the Dawson Highway gives the traveller or caravanner a chance to explore the gems of Australia’s iconic and rich landscapes. Among the open roads and ever-changing scenery, you may just witness an incredible piece of artwork pop up seemingly out of nowhere! The region is rich with art experiences, drawing the community together and providing a fabulous insight into the history and culture of the gateway to the outback.

Did you know that the Sandstone Wonders is home to a series of murals across the region? Drawing on the spirit of community and the outback lifestyle, the murals range in subject matter and provide a unique photo opportunity. Glimpse an insight into culture, nature and humanity with the ‘Spirit of the Land Mural’. Get up close to an iconic working dog breed – the Kelpie when taking in the ‘Moura Cafe Mural’. Or perhaps you would like to view a giant galah painted on the side of a silo? The murals are accessed by a series of drive trails, taking in the towns of Thangool, Biloela and Moura.

A birds-eye view of the Mural on the Moura Water Tower

4. Damper and Billy Tea at Golden Park Retreat

Weddings, parties, damper and billy tea! In true outback hospitality, a visit to Golden Park Retreat ticks all the boxes when it comes to unique experiences. The popular country attraction eventuated from a big community BBQ in the backyard with over 100 people after the big flood in 2015. The BBQ was so successful among the guests and gardens of the property that the owners Rob Kummerfeld and Maree Tucker decided to open it to the public. A visit to the iconic retreat will first begin with a good old fashioned phone call (0438 106 391) to book an appointment.

Arriving at the property you are invited to tour the beautiful Japanese, Balinese and Australian inspired gardens. The warm and friendly hosts then share traditionally cooked damper – on a campfire in a camp oven, and a roasting cup of homemade billy tea. If you are interested in history and old relics, take a look at the antique machinery museum on site.

The Golden Park Retreat is located in the historically rich town of Goovigen, off Australia’s Country Way (A3), a short distance from the town of Jambin, and camping is available in the area.

Welcome sign at Golden Park Retreat

5. Experience the King and Queen of Central Queensland Big Boar Competition

Held annually in the first weekend in June, pig hunting just got serious and fun all at the same time. The small town of Jambin certainly explodes with pig hunting enthusiasts but it’s also an event for the whole family to enjoy. Pig hunters travel far and wide for their chance to catch the winning pig (the heaviest one) and in turn help farmers of the agricultural industry by culling the soil destroyers in a big hit. The prizes are deemed ‘exceptional’ and the families are entertained with face painting, jumping castles and novelty events. You will not go hungry either with the local P&C cooking up a storm with a pig on the spit. Enjoy a fully licensed bar and live music to dance well into the night.

Weigh-in at the King & Queen of CQ Big Boar Competition

Beat the crowds and step outside the norm for your next holiday – come and visit some of the unique favourite experiences of the Banana Shire. There are more than a dozen self-drive tour itineraries on the Sandstone Wonders website that helps you to plan your next adventure in the region.

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