Sandstone Stories

Meet 5 iconic locals of the Sandstone Wonders

Often when travelling through rich landscapes off the beaten track in lesser known places of Australia it is common to wonder about the folk of the area and their stories. Knowing that behind the rusted gate and weathered home are often inaccessible stories our ears long to hear. The real stories of the people living here today, their days, their lives and their history. This Article is the first of two where we will share the stories of the locals of the Sandstone Wonders.

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Camping in the Sandstone Wonders

Reaching across almost 28,000 km2, the diverse landscapes of the Sandstone Wonders region can be jaw dropping. More than 25 mountain ranges make up the area, creating gaping valleys, towering cliff tops, deep gorges and rocky outcrops. These magnificent sites are often gently interrupted by freshwater streams or rolling plains. A combination of precious National […]

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Events of the Sandstone Wonders

be in the right place at the right time.. Schedule your visit to the Sandstone Wonders region to catch one of these special events and you’re guaranteed to add buckets of fun, dust and possibly fish, to your next RV or camping adventure. Experience it all from the nostalgia of classic cars to the thrill […]

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Lake Callide Retreat, Biloela


Great news for campers, fishing fans, and visitors to Biloela – the wait is over – Lake Callide Retreat is open! Now you can swim, play, fish, eat, relax, AND sleep, at the popular Callide Dam location. The Callide Dam, found just to the north of Biloela in the Sandstone Wonders region, has long been […]

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4WD in the Sandstone Wonders

4x4 in Expeditions NP

Love to get offroad? Get in gear and explore the best 4WD spots in the Sandstone Wonders region If you’re a keen 4WD enthusiast, or maybe just bought your first 4WD, the Sandstone Wonders region has something to suit everyone’s offroad tastes. The region has everything from hard-core rugged 4WD tracks, to leisurely family-day-out style […]

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