Nathan Gorge

Nathan Gorge – wild adventures

Away, off the beaten track, Nathan Gorge is for the true intrepid traveller.

Nathan Gorge skirts the southern end of Precipice National Park in Croker Gully, these low-lying ranges are wildness and in some parts impenetrable. However, the dirt road leading into the escarpments is generally well-maintained and suitable for 4WD vehicles.

Frontier country, the gorge is remote, wild and beautiful with high, densely covered escapements sliced in two by the mighty Dawson River.

You don’t visit the gorge, you discover it, bit by bit, on foot, as you explore ancient rock shelters and crevices crafted by the elements over a million millennia or more, eucalypt forest dotted with cabbage tree palms and steep narrow river banks.

Having said that, the less adventurous will not be left lagging. The walk along the scarp ridge, the fresh air tinged with bush fragrances, particularly in spring, and the peace and quiet are both revitalising and rewarding.

How do I get to Nathan Gorge?

The turnoff to Nathan Gorge is 23 km south-west from Cracow along Cracow Road or 42 km north-east of Taroom along the Cracow Road. Nathan Gorge Road, a graded track off Cracow Road is sign posted and leads a scenic path across hills and gullies into the gorge. You’ll pass through private property, so expect to open and close a couple gates along the way.

Can I camp at Nathan Gorge?

Because of its isolation, there’s very little traffic and no designated camp site; the road ends with a turn around. If you plan to stay, it’s a case of finding a spot on the roadside or in the bush, depending on your mode of travel.

Can I go fishing at the Nathan Gorge?

This area is seamed with tributaries and new adventures in the making if fishing is your go. Cracow, Cabbagetree and Downfall creeks are all within reach but can be difficult to access unless you have local insider knowledge on the best spots and how to get there.

For easier outdoor escapades, Glebe Weir is close too and has everything on hand for great fishing, camping and boating.

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