Baralaba History Loop (self drive)


approx. 4-6hrs (depending on stops)
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A great little trail taking in Baralaba and surrounds exploring the intriguing history of the region.  Visit the Queensland Heritage Park for some heritage displays and historic buildings from Biloela or the Baralaba Historical Village to discover the beginnings of Baralaba; and if you like a museum or two, the Wowan Museum is a not to be missed experience!  You won’t be disappointed.

Your journey begins in Baralaba

  • Start in Stopford Street, across the street from Foodworks.
  • Drive south along Stopford Street 200 m, then turn left onto Dunstan Street.
  • Approximately 1.8 km along Dunstan Street, turn right onto Moura-Baralaba Road.
  • Follow for 14 km before the road name changes to Baralaba-Banana Road.  Continue until you reach Banana.

Banana, biloela, dixalea, wowan

  • From Banana, follow the Dawson Highway to Biloela.
  • Biloela is the commercial centre of the Shire.  If you fancy a coffee or some morning tea, head into Biloela to one of the Cafes or perhaps even a spot of shopping.  If you’re a bit of a history buff, get along to the Queensland Heritage Park on Exhibition Avenue to explore their heritage displays and historic buildings.
  • If not heading into Biloela, turn left onto the Burnett Highway just outside of town.  Follow to Jambin, approximately 30 km and continue through an additional 33 km until you reach Dixalea-Deeford Road.
  • Turn left onto Dixalea-Deeford Road and you’ll notice a historically significant site on the right, a large stone and dedication to the pioneers of Dixalea.  Follow approximately 7 km before crossing over the Dee River Road.  The road will via around a right hand bend and then left until it meets an intersection with Dee River Road.
  • Turn left onto Dee River Road and follow into Wowan.  Wowan is home to a beautiful and very intriguing Museum.  Open from Monday to Thursday (9.00am until 1.00pm), Dot Nutley, the museum curator would be delighted to show you around the many gems hidden inside.

wowan to rannes

  • Continue along the Leichhardt Way 24 km to Rannes.  Rannes does not have a town signpost as it is considered a locality, rather than a town.  While it may now be small, it was once a major railway town that once housed the Shire Office from 1930 until 1946.
  • Approximately 870 m before the Goovigen-Rannes Road turn-off is a dirt road off the right hand side of the Leichhardt Way.  This road is suitable for 4WD vehicles only.  If you follow the road for a short distance, you will arrive at the bank of the Don River.  A great spot to throw in a line.
  • Continue south along the Leichhardt Highway.  6 km past the Goovigen-Rannes Road is a stone monument on the left hand side of the road.  You’ll have to look carefully to spot it as it is only small.  The monument commemorates the first settlement in the Dawson Valley.
  • Perform a u-turn and drive 3 km north along the Leichhardt Way to the Baralaba-Rannes Road turn-off.
  • Turn left onto the Baralaba-Rannes Road and follow for 34 km back to Baralaba.
  • The Baralaba Hotel in Stopford Street is a great little spot to grab a meal or cold drink to finish the day.  The hotel was built in 1927, however, the oldest building in Baralaba is located at the Historical Village and was built in 1911.  The village is open by appointment so you’ll need to book ahead – phone 4998 1163 or 4998 1351.


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