Historic Flagstaff Road from Taroom (self drive)

drive-trails-icon150 km loop
approx. 2hr.
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Dry weather only road
Not suitable for caravans
Drive carefully, dirt road

The roads along this drive trail are loose surface and include a steep gradient near the Flagstaff Section of Isla Gorge National Park.

If you’re an experienced 4WD enthusiast expect some serious WOW moments! You’ll love this path less travelled with its spectacular panoramic views over the gorge and of Isla Range.

Start from TAROOM

  • Drive North along the Leichhardt Way. Watch out for Chain Lagoons on your right a short distance out from Taroom – this is a beautiful spot if the lagoons have had recent rains.
  • Continue north along the Leichhardt Way past the Fitzroy Development Road for a distance until you see a turnoff to the left for Waterton Road (GIS -25.416333, 149.852421).
  • Turn left at Waterton Road and continue for quite a distance (about 47 km) until you see Flagstaff Road off to your right.
  • The scenery in this space is spectacular, so take your time and revel in it.
  • You will see a sign off to the left identifying Flagstaff Picnic Area. Turn left and follow it to the car park/picnic area (GIS -25.068757, 149.851431).
  • From here you can walk the historic handlaid Flagstone Road and revel in the view from the lookout across the valley and ranges. This is a great spot for a picnic.
  • Head back to Flagstaff Road and turn left.
  • At the bottom of the range you will turn left at Glenbar Road (GIS -25.012569,149.907269).
  • After 4 km, you turn right onto Glenmoral Roundstone Road (GIS -24.982258,149.918148).
  • Follow this for about 13 km until you reach the Leichhardt Way (GIS -24.992731,150.042003).
  • Turn right onto the Leichhardt Way and head towards the Isla Gorge National Park.
  • At the top of the range, turn right at the entrance and travel to the parking and camping area.
  • It is a short but very rewarding walk to the lookout, where you will see fantastic sandstone outcrops and cliffs all the way into the distance.
  • Drive back towards the Leichhardt Highway and turn left to head off to Theodore,
  • OR, Turn right and head back to Taroom.

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